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 I like to eat
Runworks 2005 5M Racer
San Francisco, CA
Joined: 26 Nov 2004
Posts: 1157

I like to eat Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 2:58 pm 

You might not guess it from my body weight, but I like to eat. During the end of today's medium-long run, I started to get the most intense food cravings and fantasies I can ever remember having. All I could think about was smoothies, toast, soup, cheese... I actually took a shortcut home so I could get to the food quicker! Speaking of which, I think it's time to go visit the kitchen again...

Runworks 2005 5M Racer
Rochester, NY
Joined: 28 Nov 2004
Posts: 262

Re: I like to eat Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 8:06 am 

I don't like to eat...I LOVE it!


Joined: 14 Dec 2004
Posts: 225

Re: I like to eat Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 11:13 am 

Hear hear!

I nearly always eat my lunch that I've brown-bagged to work around 11am. By 1pm, I'm ready for more.

Don't even get me started on 4pm and 7pm.

Runworks 2005 5M Racer
Vancouver, BC
Joined: 21 Dec 2004
Posts: 21

Re: I like to eat Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:26 am 

I try not to think about food until after an hour. It can drive you nuts. Especially if you're into mile 14 of a 20 miler in the A.M. and someone in the neighborhood's frying bacon. I don't eat much bacon any more, but I start salivating like Pavlov's pooch, and spend the rest of the run plotting where to go for breakfast and reload all those calories I just burned.

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