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 Runcast Weekly Podcast: Race Reports, J.B. Benna Interview
Submitted by RCW :: Sun Feb 26, 2006 12:55 pm
Runcast Weekly sent an announcement for the latest in their Podcast series: Hey everyone, the new podcast is available at Here is what in this week's show: Podcast #22: Frozen Ass 50 race report, interview with J.B. Benna Producer and Director of the Runner, Freescale Austin Race Report, and a special Runcast weekly contest. Plus some backgrand info on Runcast Weekly and Podcasting.

What is Runcast Weekly?
Answer: Runcast Weekly is a non-discriminating forum for runners of all abilities. The popularity of the sport of running is a result of the everyday runner not the elite athlete, The Runcast Weekly podcast and this accompanying website is devoted to those individuals. Each week subjects are chosen with all amateur runners in mind, from beginners to veterans, relevant to their experiences.

Runcast Weekly is produced by a runner for runners.

What is Podcasting?
Answer: Podcasting is the latest trend in on-demand, radio like content. By its nature, it provides the user a wider variety of content than traditional distributed audio. Users are able to download content they want, when they want it and through the use of portable .mp3 players, they can listen to it whenever they want to. Podcasting puts the power back into the hands of the consumer, not the provider.

Question: How can I listen to a podcast?
Podcasts can be obtained in two different ways.

1. How to listen to a podcast Visit the website of the podcast. Double click the link for the podcast.
This method does not require the use of an .mp3 player. Only a computer with an internet connection is needed.
2. Subscribe to the RSS feed with an aggregator like iPodder. Details for subscribing to a podcast can be found on a variety of websites such as


South Orange, New Jersey
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Re: Runcast Weekly Podcast: Race Reports, J.B. Benna Intervi Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2006 6:30 pm 

I've been listening to Runcast Weekly since I got a new iPod Nano about a month ago. I stumbled across Runcast Weekly as I was browsing the sports catagory of "podcasts" on iTunes. Frankly, I haven't been all that thrilled by the Runcast Weely podcast and would be hard pressed to recommend it. The content is fair but the host is hard to listen to. He often sounds disorganized and doesn't edit out his mistakes.

There are two other podcasts that I strongly recommend. I find myself looking forward to hearing each new episode of both of these podcasts. One I like a lot for running is called Phedippidations by SteveRunner ( He has a very polished podcast that usually lasts 50-60 minutes each. Rather than try to describe this podcast I strongly urge you to go to his website and listen to one or more of his podcasts. The other podcast that I enjoy is Endurance Radio ( Each episode is a 15 minute (give or take a couple minutes) interview with an endurance athlete, coach, or someone involved with an endurance sport (i.e. running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, adventure racing, etc.).

Another podcast that I've enjoyed listening to is Zen and the Art of Triathlon ( OR I have yet to hear much helpful info about training for or racing in Triathlons but I've enjoyed most of his podcasts so far.

There are several other running related podcasts out there but none that have been able to keep my attention or offer any information that I've found valuable.

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