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 More support for Billat's 30-30 workout
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More support for Billat's 30-30 workout Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2006 7:45 pm 

There was some discussion here last year about Billat's 30-30 workout, an alternative to the traditional interval workout for boosting VO2Max. wrote up a great article recently about the 30-30 workout and the thinking behind it, which you can find at

I tried them for a month or two during one marathon training cycle, and they seemed to work pretty well. If nothing else, I tolerated them better than traditional VO2Max workouts, which I loathe. The only scary part about them is that "repeat until exhaustion" bit, but it's not so bad.

Has anybody else tried these? What were you impressions? The reasoning behind this style of workout makes sense, so I'm surprised they're not more commonly discussed.

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