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 A call for articles
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A call for articles Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2004 11:27 am 

The original plan for Runworks was to have articles written by everyone in the user community, with the moderator organizing and editing them. If you're familiar with the technology website Slashdot, the goal is to make a similar site for runners.

So with that in mind, if there's a topic you know something about that you think would interest other people, submit it as an article! It doesn't have to be anything long or fancy, just a couple of paragraphs is fine.

You can also submit articles that are links to interesting stories you've seen elsewhere on the web. Just write a paragraph or two summary of the original story, and provide a link to the story in your article. The only requirement is that you write an original summary of the story, and not just copy and paste whole paragraphs from it.

This format seems to work well on other sites that have tried it, because the daily articles best reflect the interests of the reading audience, since they're the ones writing many of them. Plus it's your chance to get 15 minutes of fame if your article appears on the main Runworks page. Satisfy your inner wordsmith and give it a try!

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