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 Pre-Marathon training

Joined: 01 May 2007
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Pre-Marathon training Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 9:11 am 

Hi I'm new to the forum, but you all seem like a smart group of people, so surely someone can advise! I want to run my first marathon this winter (either Dallas White Rock in Dec or Houston in January) and I don't know how to tailor my running this summer before starting a 16 week or so training schedule. Should I focus on building a lot of miles with slow easy running or should I add speedwork and if so what kind? Tempo runs, 800 intervals, mile repeats??? I've run a lot of 5 Ks and 4 half marathons and all of the prediction tables say I could run a marathon in about 4:15 (by the way, for a first marathon is it true that my time will be a lot slower than predicted?) Thanks for any input!


Joined: 09 May 2006
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Re: Pre-Marathon training Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 2:48 pm 

I went here for training advice for my first marathon.
I still use Higdon for training schedules and I am going to run my 3rd.

Congratulations on deciding to train for, and run your first marathon!! That is awesome...

Let us know how things are going.


Joined: 01 May 2007
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Re: Pre-Marathon training Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 6:41 am 

Thanks so much mrbill! I actually used HH for the last half I did in Austin. He has a Spring Training schedule that focuses on speed so I'm going to use that to fill the gap before starting to train for the marathon in the fall. thanks again!

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San Francisco, CA
Joined: 26 Nov 2004
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Re: Pre-Marathon training Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 8:31 pm 

Hal Higdon's is a well regarded training plan, although I've never used it myself. Two books with good training plans are Daniels Running Formula by Jack Daniels, and Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger and Douglas.

If this is your first marathon and you haven't done too much distance running before, then I'd start with a nice and simple training plan. Focusing primarily on building up miles of slow easy running as you suggested sounds wise to me.

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