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 Heel Pain

Joined: 08 May 2005
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Heel Pain Posted: Sun May 08, 2005 2:28 am 

I would like everyone who has heel pain, heel spurs or plantar fasciitis to consider something that helped me. They are called "Heelbillys" and rightfully so
because they are not your typical orthotic, but believe me they worked for me.
They are tall, soft cushions that fit inside your shoe right under your heel and all I know is that when I walk I don't feel any pain, it feels like I am walking on a
pillow. I have been wearing them now for over 3 months and my heel is so much
better that I can now walk without them but today's shoes are so poorly
cushioned that I don't take the chance because I don't want the pain to come back. I bought them from ;
and they cost me $15.00 but work better than a $500 custom insert.


South Orange, New Jersey
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Re: Heel Pain Posted: Thu May 12, 2005 5:27 pm 

For the sake of full disclosure, please be aware that the message above posted by "sharoncarson" appears to match the name of the Technical Contact (Sharon Carson) for the HEELBILLYS.COM web site. Thus she has a financial motivation for her positive "testimonial." Basically, the post above is simply and AD masked as a "testimonial."

A simple google search on "HEELBILLYS" shows numerious sites where this exact same message, or a variation, are posted.

HILLBILLYS.COM does not offer any sort of guarantee nor any refund if the HEELBILLYS don't work. You buy at your own risk. Shipping adds a minimum of another $7.00 to the cost of this product; which seems odd to charge so much for something made of foam and which should weigh very little.

With that said, I don't mean to imply that the HEELBILLY product doesn't perform as claimed nor that the value it provides is not worth the cost; just don't rely solely on the post from sharoncarson to convince you that it does perform as she says.


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Re: Heel Pain Posted: Fri May 13, 2005 10:02 am 



Joined: 22 May 2005
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Re: Heel Pain Posted: Sun May 22, 2005 7:47 pm 

Haha, you got caught...

Of course, the track season did end a few weeks ago, and I do have pain in my heel still... I don't know if this is normal for runners or not, but I guess I'll check it out...

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