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 2 weeks til 'Chicago'

Joined: 09 May 2006
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2 weeks til 'Chicago' Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 12:44 pm 

Abwork followed by a nice 17 mile run along the Old Plank Road Trail in Illinois. This is an old railway that has been paved and is also a nature preserve. Very cool and scenic, flat trail that goes out and back.

So much for the mileage portion of my training.... I felt strong out there today with a 9:00 / mile pace.

Now on to the taper....

Good luck to all Fall Marathoners!

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San Francisco, CA
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Re: 2 weeks til 'Chicago' Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 9:54 am 

Good luck mrbill! Do you have a goal time for Chicago? It sounds like your training has gone really well.


Joined: 09 May 2006
Posts: 84

Re: 2 weeks til 'Chicago' Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 6:55 am 

OK, it was very cold out there Marathon morning and forcasted rainy and windy! I decided to go with tights and a singlet..... well, I never warmed up with the singlet, I should have stayed with the long sleeved shirt. The rain pretty much stayed away but there were gusts of wind here and there.
Mile 1: 8:40 good start, not too fast and I'm getting the juices flowing.
Mile 2: 8:09 I'm getting away from the big starting crowds, but a little fast.
Mile 3: 8:14 Much better, if I could just hold this pace...
Mile 4: 9:10 Not sure what happended here.
Mile 5: 8:01 OK, not too consistent, but I'm having some fun out here. The crowds are great!
Mile 6: 8:25 We are running into the wind now approaching the very North Side.
Mile 7: 8:09
Mile 8: 8:05 A little more consistent. I'm feeling strong and want to let go, but know I shouldn't.
Mile 9: 8:10 Can I hold this pace?
Mile 10: 8:09 I think I might have found my groove, but it sure is cold out here and I'm not sure if I can hold pace.
Mile 11: 8:08 I feel pretty good still
Mile 12: 8:31 the crowds are great and I stop for some re-fueling.
Mile 13: 8:18 I see mrsbill, my brother and Mother, sister and BIL. I blow by thinking I'll never hold this pace so I 'll catch up with them at 21.
Mile 14: 8:09 I can't believe I'm still holding pace.
Mile 15: 8:14 Can this be right?
Mile 16: 8:22 I can feel the muscles now and am wondering if missing 6 weeks of training is catching up to me. Mid section feels really good, glad I did all that ab work this year.
Mile 17: 8:29 It's catching up to me, there is no way I'm going to hold this pace, legs are starting to hurt. OUCH!
Mile 18: 8:47 Starting to slow down a little...
Mile 19: 9:39 Had to stop and get some gatorade. Things are starting to hurt now.
Mile 20: 8:26 The crowds carry me threw this mile.
Mile 21: 8:23 I can't believe I'm still going. I'm cold and tiring. I stop and see the family and get food and drink. A boost of energy, can I make it?
Mile 22: 9:31 I have to stop for a bit. Still cold and very much hurting at this point. I have to finish now.
Mile 23: 8:42 Not much caring about pace anymore, I just want to finish.
Mile 24: 8:56 Is this thing ever going to end??
Mile 25: 8:31 Against the wind for the last couple of miles. The crowd is fabulous! Carrying us through the last of this thing.
Mle 26: 8:36 I think I'm going to finish, but my legs are hurting pretty bad now. I'm praying to have God carry me the last 1/4 mile... I find strength in the crowd and work them waving my hands and pointing in the air. They are really cheering now. I kick into the finish, whew! I'm done!
Finish Line: 1:34 The Finish Line crowd and God totally carry me through to the Finish Line!
Results: 3:42:30 8:29 / Mile
About 3 minutes slower than last year but I'm not complaining. Whew, I'm done!!
Anyway, my goal was sub 3:39 which was last year's time.
I'll take it considering I had a calf problem early in my training and needed 6 weeks off including physical therapy to come out of it.
I did run into lakerunr out there who noticed my shirt which I posted online prior to the race. Looks like he came in right with me. I also ran with barefoot rick for a time.
Nice to meet you both.
Great job everyone!

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